I spent my Sunday morning making sausage rolls for very first time. I kind of just made it up as I went along, it was pretty liberating. You could really mix it up with the sausage but using different flavours but I stuck to basil and sun dried tomatoes. For the roll part of the […]

These were a bit of an experiment that turned out great. The final presentation was a little less than satisfactory, but they were really good! Ingredients: Lasagne noodles Ground beef Pesto (I used artichoke heart pesto that I bought at the farmers market, but basil or sundried tomato would also be delicious) Garlic Tomato sauce […]

So it’s been an extra long time since I last posted but, I made this for breakfast last weekend and it was so delicious I felt like I needed to share. You could really mix this recipe up and do what ever you want with it. Ingredients: (for one serving) 1 tortilla (I prefer whole […]

So I kind of have this thing where I’m a little bit scared of cooking meat… But I’ve been working on it. So this week I jumped in head first and made my uncle’s chunky chilli … with four kinds of meat. Lean ground beef, lamb merguez sausage, smoked pork sausage and duck breast. It […]

Beets are kind of recent love for me but I have loved chickpeas since junior high and high school when my dad started making chickpea salad and my sister started making hummus. I recently got back to Edmonton from a holiday at home and so I’m a little low on groceries, but I happened to […]

I made this awhile back and it was pretty delicious but at the time I was super busy with school and didn’t get a chance to write about it. It’s based on Jamie Oliver’s (and Russell Brand) “Booby Pasta“, I made a few modifications but the video is definitely worth a watch. I was out […]

Stock seems like a very simple things to make, and it is. It boggles my mind that people ever buy stock when it’s so easy to make and it uses up ingredients you would otherwise throw out. When I was growing up my mom always used to make chicken or turkey stock after we had […]